Saving energy in 2017

Posted by Jamie Pugh on 4th Jan 2017

Looking for new ways to save energy in 2017? Princes LHS are here to help. We've put together 10 ways that you can start saving right now.  Read our top 10 tips below and learn how to reduce you ...

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A Very Merry Christmas from Princes LHS

Posted by Jamie Pugh on 23rd Dec 2016

Christmas is finally here! From all the team at Princes LHS, we wish you a very merry Christmas and a fantastic new year! We look forward to supporting you with all your heating, renewable and plumbi ...

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Reformed RHI Scheme includes Uplifted Tariffs

Posted by Matt Smith on 15th Dec 2016

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme is a financial incentive for businesses and domestic users of renewable energy systems. The scheme was put in place in April 2014 and allows users of renewabl ...

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Princes LHS are now Telsa Energy Powerwall certified installers

Posted by Princes Solar on 15th Nov 2016

Princes LHS Ltd T/A Princes Solar Energy are happy to announce we have now achieved certified installer status for supply and installation of the Telsa Energy Powerwall. This adds to our long list ...

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Are solar panels suitable for my home?

Posted by Princes Solar on 5th May 2016

Investing in solar panels can save you hundreds of pounds a year on energy bills and help the environment by not using fossil fuels. But if you're deciding whether your home is suitable to have ...

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Brad Pitt Helps to Rebuild environmentally-friendly homes

Posted by Princes Solar on 29th Jan 2016

No matter where in the world you’re from, a safe, comfortable living space is essential for you to feel happy and secure. Although it’s easy to take for granted, sometimes we are given vivid rem ...

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Could this be the future of our roads?

Posted by Princes Solar on 30th Jul 2015

In November 2014 the Netherlands installed solar panels in a way that had never been seen before; they created roads and bike paths from standard solar panels that we install on roofs, and covered the ...

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Local couple make substantial savings on energy bills

Posted by Princes Solar on 13th Jul 2015

Just over a year after we installed their Solar PV system, we caught up with Mr Johnson & Mrs Rudkin, a local couple, to see how they have benefited from their install. To read their story, and ...

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UK leading the way with solar installations

Posted by Princes Solar on 1st Jul 2015

In 2014 the UK led the European solar expansion, installing 2.4GW  of solar, which equates to 1/3 of Europe's total installations. “The success of the UK, set to be the largest European market aga ...

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Projected FIT cuts

Posted by Princes Solar on 25th Jun 2015

On July 1st 2015, the Feed in Tariff rate for installations below 4kW will be decreasing to 12.92p/kWh, and for installations over 4kW, but not exceeding 10kW we will see the rate decrease to 11.71p/k ...

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